Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!


Every year for 14 years my husband has brought me a card and flowers (sometimes more). You might think that this is the usual and not note worthy, but I disagree. Every year he goes to the flower shop and picks out my flowers himself. Wild flowers. What they have that he thinks represents me. He does let the girls put it together to be pretty, but hey... This is special to us because the first flowers he ever brought me he picked from the side of the road, and he's continued to do it all this time. In a world where divorce and all are common place it needs to be celebrated when you have something special. I'll be the first to admit that I'm spoiled! He had grown up on a farm, slop the pigs, chop the wood, etc. He swore he would never live that way again. Then he met me (or I met him). LOL. 
I say spoiled in a good way. 
What I want I get...I want a hole in the middle of the yard so I can experiment with water plants.
I want help unloading mulch that I got from a neighbor.
I want this space fenced in.
I want this tree cut down.
I need and don't have to ask...Canned tomatoes all day, he get's home from work and does the dishes to catch me up.
Need something to continue a sewing project, he'll get it so I don't have to stop.
Need a board, need a bale, need a sack of nails....
When we lived at the little house there was seldom a weekend that I didn't come home with a (or a few) new pets. When we moved we had goats sheep horses dogs ducks a llama 'bout 60 rabbits ( my daughter showed 4H so she's partly to blame) geese garden (yes he dug some of it up and moved it with us) and my flowers.
I'm a complete child when it comes to a lot of things. He doesn't mind and is even my enabler. 
This may seem like an odd blog but I couldn't even be blogging if it wasn't for him. He believes in me and believes I should share what I love.
So, I decided to share what I love most.