Friday, May 15, 2015

Starting My Bee Adventure

 This post will be a little haphazard but I am soo excited and this is the easiest way for me to share in several places. I got my bees yesterday and had to wait till today to get help putting them in their new home. When they showed up there was only a couple on the outside of the box but this morning when I checked there were quit a few flying around and several on the outside of the box. I didn't see any place they could have gotten out and wonder if their newbees? (newbies) 


Just call me proud!

It's one thing to read about them and even know your not particularly nervous about "bugs", it's another to handle them. Yes we have all the gear but it's not really my style. I put them in the corner of my garden where I can feel they are the safest, so I figured we might as well go ahead and make friends.

Popping the top off was a little scary. It's kind of the "no turning back" moment.                             

I was so afraid I would squish somebody trying to get the can with their sugar water in it that my hands were shaking. But no casualties. 

Then we found that the Queen had come loose from the tie that is supposed to hold her to make it easy to pull her box out. You have to be very gentle with her, but with a little careful shifting I got a hold of her and set her out. 

I had really expected to get stung at least a time or two but didn't even once.

Please welcome Ed, ED and Eddie to the farm!
Thanks Mom for helping me!