Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fixin' my bee hive.

I didn't set my hive up quite right. By leaving the top box open the bees decided this was a better place to build than on the frames. I didn't see this an emergency issue because they are finding plenty to build with and eat (and just still here) but as far as being able to check them and hopefully get honey later, it isn't ideal. 

To try to fix the problem I am cutting the combs off and tying them into empty frames. 
This was actually very exciting. I don't wear the gear, I don't feel like I can see and feel as well as I would like to. And instead of a smoker I use sugar water in a spray bottle. The water helps keep them from flying and they will spend some time cleaning the sugar off of themselves. 

I had some of the wooden frames but not the wax liners that go in them so had not used them. 

Rubber bands were suggested but since I didn't have enough I used twine. I trimmed the combs to fit and tied them in.


I use a clean paint brush to move the bees off the edges after spraying with the sugar water.

I added the second super on top and the inner lid.

My helpers.