Thursday, March 19, 2015

Starting on front flower garden. Plan B

Sent my boys after a truckload of mulch. We are lucky enough to have a pallet company close and they mulch up their broken or old ones. A whole truckload is $20.

My intention was to have the boys help me spread it in my garden, but about 4ft into the yard we were stuck. My yard is still too mushy from the melted snow and rain. Then I got the look. The fear that I would ask them to move it all by wheel borrow. But, lucky for them I had a Plan B. Off the side of our front drive I'm starting a flower garden.

With a quick pull to get unstuck they were more than happy to unload it up front. I have 2 Azaleas, 2 Roses and a couple gnomes standing guard so far.
Can't wait to get the mulch spread and start adding more stuff.