Saturday, April 4, 2015

50 Shades of Green!

I love Spring, but with it things pick up pace and sometimes I feel like I'm falling behind. So to fix that I take a walk around the yard to appreciate what I don't have do. Here's nothing but a few things that grow around my house that I get the pleasure of without worry.

House Pepper. Don't know what kind it is, slightly spicey looks like a jalapeno. Kept it alive in the house all winter and been setting it out on the nice days, now it has a pepper. Who knew.

Don't know what this is either but gonna look it up.

These silly Easter flowers come up every year, and every year after they bloom I dig them up and move to where I want....and every year they come back right here!

Poor evergreen bush I trimmed, not so well...

Dug off the side of the road and grow with my snowball bush and some sweetpeas....the flower type.

My Iris Island. Inside part of our circle drive. I've been collecting Iris for probably 8 or so years. When we moved I dug all that I could and brought with. I find them along the side of country roads and even sometimes stop and ask people if I can have a tuber from their flower bed. I think last year I had about 15 different colors.

These are those that I think a re actually called flags. Their purple and have the skinny leaves.

Azalea. Planted these last year and hoping they'll take off. When I was little we lived in Georgia and a row of these between properties. Smelled better than anything else in the world and have never forgotten.

Just a white rose bush.


Lilac bush. I love Lilacs and brought this as a start with me when we moved.