Monday, April 27, 2015

Some pictures from my yard.

Spring is such an exciting time. A chance to try all the new ideas you've collected over the winter and see what worked well for you last season.
I'm very excited about this tree. Indian Red Peach. Last year the day it bloomed it also frosted so I didn't get any peaches. I did have two but but a bit of a grass fire killed the other.

My garden in February



In front of the house is where I've planted most of my flowers. It seems in January that Spring will never come.

But eventually the snow melts and all the pretty green things start to show their faces.

I call this my Iris Island. It's the inside of the circle drive and one of my favorite spots in the yard. I've been collecting the Iris' for years from the side of the road and from other people that will share. I think last year I counted 15 different colors and can't wait for them to bloom this year to see what I have added. When you dig them in the summer and there is no flower it's surprise for the next year.

There are wild strawberries and violets and last year I also planted some Chocolate Mint as a ground cover. Mint can be very invasive and if you let it get where you don't want it, it's very hard to get rid of. This is the perfect place for it since it can't escape because of the drive and the road. Of all the mints this is my favorite! It's wonderful in brownies, strawberries and later in hot chocolate.

Azaleas are blooming on the house side of the drive.

Here I'm expanding
my flower bed with Roses and Peonies.

I'm thinking that Creeping Thyme will be nice here. In the raised bed I have Hostas and Cabbages and will plant some more flowers.

I got a Bee Hive set up this week and have Bees ordered. They should be safe here in the corner of my garden. I have Borage and of course the garden plants. I added Jerusalim Artichoke and Rosa Rigosa on the outside of the fence for them a bit of a blind from the world.

And then there's these lil' fellas. Three Lemon tree sprouts. They will have to be grown in pots but I'm very pleased with them.

This week I expect to be spending in the garden planting. My Tomatoes and Peppers are ready to go out, I need to finish another bed for the beans and get some Strawberries to put out.