Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fire starters and #campstove with #buddyburner

We love to camp, build a fire on a cold night AND drink wine. This pin fit in perfectly. A mason jar filled with corks covered with kerosene. I let the corks soak for 3 days. 

These worked really well for the fireplace and I look forward to having them in our camping gear.

This idea about the crayons caught my attention because I sometimes run low on candles. You have to light it at the paper level.  The paper acts as a wick and it does give off enough light to work with. I only got about 20 min out of this crayon.
This is a Great project for camping, being prepared or just for fun with kids. In the end you have a little camp stove.
#10 can (empty)
tuna can...
tin snips
can hole punch
candle wax or paraphine (about 4 oz)

Cut the cardboard into strips that will fit into the tuna can. Enough to wind up and create your wick.
Melt your wax, either in a double boiler or in a microwave safe glass dish. Keep an eye on it when it starts to go it goes quickly. Carefully pour the wax over the cardboard until the can is rim full. The can will get very hot so be careful of where you have it setting and how you handle it. Let cool completely.
Cut an opening in the # 10 can large enough for the tuna can to slide in
and place the bottom cut end inside.

Push it flat against the closed end. With the can punch poke 4 holes around the top. These are smoke vents and will hold the cut end in place creating  a 2 ply surface to cook on. It will hold and distribute heat better. Light the cardboard of the burner and slide into the stove.

Only use these outside. They do smoke.
I save up tuna cans, and all the ends of candles I put in a butter bowl. When I have enough to make a couple burners I melt it all at once. You can cook directly on top of the "stove" or use a small pan. To control the heat use a piece of aluminum foil over the burner. To put out the burner, carefully seal the foil around the burner.
I remember as a kid when my mother made one of these for my brother and I. The cans do get very hot but are manageable with even small kids. The benefit is being outside. Brown a burger, use a small pan and make an omelet. Put alittle cake batter in a tuna type can and place another large can overtop and it can cook like a 'homesteader' easy bake oven. Playing with this with your kids is a great way to teach them to cook outside the box. With such small portions trial and error can be fun.
Into a tune type can melt
 1t butter
1t brown sugar
on top place
1 pineapple round
1 cherry
pour over top
couple T yellow cake mix... 
place another large can over top, check often.