Monday, January 12, 2015

For The Love of Woodstoves.

With learning how to do all this computer stuff, the cold wet weather and looking at all the great homesteading sites I've become alittle nostalgic. 3 years ago, due to certain circumstances, we actually moved away from our own little homestead to the edge of town. In the big picture it was a good decision, but it totally took me out of my niche. In the old house we had a "cute" little woodstove. This is a pic of Duchess, the rabbit, Lucy, the black and white and Gypsi, blue curr. It was a tiny stove but it was also a tiny house, we were ahead of our
Now it sits in the corner gathering dust.
Once upon a time it kept lil goats warm, a house comfy and I even cooked on it sometimes. When we first moved into the little house we got "gassed" (cheated) by the propane company that filled our tank, so I went on the search for a wood stove. New to the woodstove workings, I found this adorable stove in the trader. My Big Guy, while laughing at me, drove an hour to pick it up and brought it home. We set it up and never laughed again. (by the way you can find the instructions for this goat sweater at "Simpler Times" is used a lot to describe doing things the old fashioned way, but basic is the word I would use. It wasn't simpler, there was a lot more work involved. But you knew exactly where you were as you went.
 I miss that.