Saturday, January 10, 2015

Taquitos Tonight!

Friday night is our family dinner night, like the old fashioned Sunday dinner, it's when we have company. I use this night to test any new recipes or ideas for recipes that I have come up with throughout the week. Sometimes I try to get fancy, but last night I just felt like something fun. I have these recipes pinned under recipes to cook. Taquitos! Simple and fun to eat I intend to add this to my regular "party" food list.
3c pulled pork (I rubbed part of a butt roast with my dry rub (directions for rub on last post) and roasted it as 200' for about 4 hrs)
3oz cream cheese
12oz green salsa
1c cheddar cheese
This could all be done in a crockpot but, I had the mixture for the chicken in mine, so I simmered this on the stove til melted.
In the crockpot, on high, I cooked 5 chicken leg/thigh quarters (this is what I had, it could have been breast or any other) in about a cup of water. When they were done I strained, skinned and picked the chicken apart. Put the meat back into the crockpot with about 1c of the liquid (I skimmed the fat off).
8oz cream cheese
1/3c diced jalapenos
1t garlic powder
1t salt
1t cumin
Let this cook til melty.
I grabbed 2 packages of the 10in flour burrito shells, again that's what I had on hand, and then just rolled up. I used about 1/2c or so of the mixtures for each shell. Spray oil a cookie sheet and place the rolls seam side down. When you have the sheet full, spray the top of the rolls with more oil and bake at 425' for 10-15min or until slightly golden.
These turned out great and were so easy to make! You could use the smaller size shells or cut in half or thirds to serve for a  get together. I set out taco sauce, sour cream and sweet and sour sauce for dipping them in. Used up 20 shells and had just little pork left over.