Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Think I Need A Pintervention!

Due to technical difficulties (user error) I seem to have goofed some of my pictures right off of Google+. Don't know what I did or how I did it! Guess  I need to find a pin about how to use the computer..for dummies. Anyway 10 in 10 days may have been alittle  too ambitious during this hectic time of year. I concede for now but will try again. I do want to update my post on the veggies that regrow.
My celery didn't fair so well. I think it had been in the fridge for alittle too long. It sorta tried but hasn't made much progress. The scallions on the other hand are going great, as you can see ( I hope). I killed some thyme, no really, my thyme plant got forgotten over the holidays and died, so it's sacrifice became a new home for the scallions.
The weather has really turned off cold here so I think I will make vegetable soup tonight and try out more regrows.