Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's not vegatables, it's soup!

The only good thing that I can think of about winter weather is soup. Chili, stew and anything with dumplings, of course. Tuesday night I made a big pot of vegetable soup. Every odd and end out of the fridge goes in, plus some of the stuff that I canned during the summer. I love making it this way because it never turns out the same, but I've never been disappointed.
Salt, pepper and a little thyme are the only things that I always add. This makes a wonderful hot meal, for the first night... On the second day I puree all that is left. (minus a Tupperware bowl just for me) I take out about a quart and add garlic powder, basil, more thyme and oregano. Tada, spaghetti sauce.
And on the third day,
I canned all the rest. I ended up with 6 quarts. If you use this idea follow whatever canning guide you like. I use the Ball Canning Guide. Whenever I make something that I don't have a specific recipe for I can it by the specifications of whatever is in it that has to can the longest. In this case I had corn so I went with 1hr@10lbs. for quarts.

I label this as basic red sauce. This way I know what it is, but the kids don't know. I have a few that are veggie picky. Once I puree it they will eat almost anything! When I use it I either add spaghetti herbs, taco or chili seasoning, or it is great eaten as is, like a gazpacho. It also freezes really well.
In case of emergency, add vodka! lol