Sunday, December 28, 2014

10 Pins in 10 Days. 1. Veggies that regrow and compost.

I decided that it was about time I go through my pins from +pinterest and try some of them out. Kinda a cleaning house type idea. I decided to start with two that fit the season. I do a lot of cooking for the holidays so I have a lot of veggie scraps. This is celery and scallions. I cut off the greens and put the root ends into alittle water in a mason jar.  I will update this post when anything happens.
I keep a small pail in the kitchen beside the coffee maker. All of our grounds, tea bags and veggie scraps go into on the way to compost. This time of year it can fill up more than once a day so I decide to adapt the trenching compost idea to fit me.

In my flower garden right outside the kitchen I have some spaces that are for things that I dig up in the fall and thought this would make the perfect place to try this out. After I took this picture I dug more holes and used that dirt to cover what I had already dumped. This another one that I'll have to update as I see how it works out.