Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grimm Acres Christmas party

For the kids Christmas party we made pizza and watched a movie. With 5 young people and 4 adults we had an expansive pizza bar. lol  Everything from pineapple to olives, refried beans and Doritos, ham to pepperoni. This is a picture of mine. Super supreme...alittle of everything, (except pineapple). Taco pizza was a winner, bacon and pineapple was really good and of course a regular pepperoni. Grimm Acres raises Heritage livestock and lucky for me I get the benefit of access to fresh pork, beef, and chicken. And my we found a great deal on premade crusts.
The only problem with a pizza party like this is when its done you have all the leftover toppings. Meats and cheeses of course could go in the freezer but what do you do with the veggies....Make omelets of course! I took all of the veggies and mixed them together, my son isn't a fan, and put all the meats into ziplock bags. Tonight for supper I broke out the little cast iron skillets and made personal baked omelets. My husband and I like them supreme style, onion, ham, mushroom, (except pineapple). Son is a sausage and cheese fella. This is a great easy dinner idea anytime. All you HAVE to have is eggs. All kinds of leftovers could be mixed in.
All you do is set the oven to 350, mix eggs and a splash of milk. Add whatever ingredients that you like and alittle salt and pepper. Pour into an oiled cast iron skillet. I like the spray oil for this. Bake until the top of the eggs looks nearly cooked but just short. Set out to cool for 5 to 10 min. depends on how many eggs you use.
After the second night I put anything thats left into a ziplock bag and freeze for myself later.