Thursday, December 4, 2014

Love all the container garden ideas that I've seen on pinterest. I started this stacked planter first thing this spring and it did wonderfully all summer. Sadly I was a little slow on bringing it in and it got some frostbite. I put mother-in-laws tongue in the top where it would stay the driest and  there is periwinkle around the other levels. I had a few other little plants from the garden center in it too but they gave out with the frost. This planter and the others (in other pic) are in my living room now. They help me believe that it will warm up again...someday. My big mother-in-laws tongue, lotsa little aloe plants a sweet potato and some ivy keep a madavilla company. I wish when I planted- repotted them that I had seen the pin showing a soda bottle, with holes in it, buried in the planter. I have a terrible time remembering to water them just enough and not too much. I have a whole mudroom full of herbs that I'm really considering taking out this weekend and rerepotting with the bottles in them.