Sunday, December 14, 2014

Let them eat cake.

November and December are busy months for us. We have 6 birthdays and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. For birthdays the family all gets together and the person of the day tells me what they would like for supper and what kind of cake. We do alot of steak, ribs and lasagna, but this time I got a surprise request for chinese and a vanilla cake. Sooo, general tso's chicken, spring rolls, beef rice and noodles with broccoli it was. The problem was the cake! As a cook, I'm a tinkerer. I seldom make anything the same twice. A vanilla cake just goes against all of my instincts. lol. Then I made it mine.
I made a white cake mix, 2x8inch pans and poked holes it them with a straw. Over each I poured half a can of condensed milk. After it had time to soak in alittle and the cakes were cool, I piped alittle vanilla icing, added a layer of nilla wafers, alittle more icing and then the second cake on top.
Some more icing on top and tada!
The chinese recipes I just looked up, but as a side note, egg roll wrappers are a great staple in your pantry. I've wrapped everything from rabbit and rice to turkey and stuffing in them and always gotten a great response. They are just a great little crisp wrapper for so many things. BBQ, fruit.....get your oil to about 350 and keep an eye on them. They don't take long but it does depend on what you have in them. Once they're golden take them out and place on paper towls to let any extra grease drain off. Even though they tend to get a little soggy by the next day, they are still really tasty to send for lunches.