Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Cookies

Tonight we're making Christmas cookies. The Grimm Acres team (kids that work for my mom on her farm) Leci, Rusty, Brody, (Gary and Casey  not pictured). I was pleasantly surprised by how the boys even got into it. Of course anything that includes pounds of sugar can't fail right.

We decided on peanut butter bars, cream cheese candies and no bake cookies.

Cream Cheese Candies
1 block of cream cheese
all the powder sugar that you can stir into it.
Keep stirring in sugar until its dry and can be rolled into small balls.

Peanut butter Bars
1c butter
2c grahmcrackers crushed
1c peanut butter
2c sugar
Heat butter, pbutter and sugar in a pan till melted. Stir in cracker crumbs. Spread in an 8x10 cake pan.
On top of that pour a mixture of 8T peanut butter and 3c chocolate chips that have been melted together. 
Refrigerate till set.