Saturday, December 6, 2014

Crockpot heaven.

During the cold months there is nothing better than to come out of the cold into a house that smells like food. Like adding humidity can help make your house feel warmer food makes your heart feel warmer. I love crockpot  meals because very little effort yeilds a great reward. My husband works outside, in the weather, ALL weather (poor thing!), and lets me choose whether I go out  or not. I hate the cold... So when he gets home I like for him to come in and sigh with satisfaction. I also hate to do dishesso with the crockpot we both win! There are some great recipeis on pintrest and food network. Tonight I'm grilling pork steaks but this morning I'm throwing some chunked potatoes and cheese sauce into the pot to cook. 8 or so taters a splash of milk and a block velveeta cheese. Set it on low and walk away.